Tu t’entêtes à tout tenter…

Tonguetwister Tuesday!

Tu t’entêtes à tout tenter, tu t’uses et tu te tues à tant t’entêter.

tew tah-tay tah too tah-tay, tew tew zay tew tuh tew ah tah tah-tay-tay. Click below to hear this.

You insist on trying everything, you are wearing yourself out and killing yourself by insisting so much.

S’entêter means to be stubborn–you know, you get an idea in your head and insist on acting upon it.

So I must insist on the correct pronunciation of the /t/ sounds in this tonguetwister. Remember just to tap the tip of your tongue oh-so-lightly at the back of your upper teeth. It’s a very gentle sound, like sleet tapping against the windowpane.

Oh, and if you wonder about the background noise in today’s audio file: I recorded it in the airport yesterday, whiling away a two-hour delay.

Have fun!

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