Le roi boit! La reine boit!

Le roi boit! La reine boit!

luh rwah BWAH! lah renn BWAH! Click below to hear this pronounced.

The king is drinking! The queen is drinking!

Today, le 6 janvier, is Epiphany. In the Catholic Church, this is the date when it is supposed that the Three Kings (alias the Wise Men) reached Bethlehem to worship the baby Jesus. So, in France, on fait la fête! (aw fay lah FETT: they party!)

Traditionally, there is a special cake for the occasion, in which is hidden une fève: a dried bean, a tiny china Christchild, or a coin. Whoever finds the prize in his or her piece of cake is declared le roi (luh RWAH, the king) or la reine (la RENN, the queen) and chooses a partner of the opposite sex, and they are crowned with paper crowns.

Since we are in France, drinking wine is involved, of course! Every time the king lifts his glass to drink, the party-goers shout, “Le roi boit!” (or “La reine boit!” as the case may be), and they are all supposed to drink too.

If you are interested in the cake (I know I have some cooks and bakers among my readers!), check the internet for la galette du roi (also called la galette des rois). There are dozens of recipes, and several basic styles of galette: one made of puff pastry, and another similar to a pound cake (called a quatre-quarts in French), among others.

Remember this phrase! Tomorrow (All-in-French Friday!), I will tell you a story about a famous French writer, his stage play, and this phrase.


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