Elle a fait un don assez important.

Elle a fait un don assez important.

ell lah fay uh daw aa-say aa-por-TAH. Click below to hear this pronounced.

She made a fairly sizeable gift.

Okay, you say, I get don: donation, donor, donner (to give). But where’s the talk about size?

In French, important can mean not only that it matters a lot, but also that it is large or sizeable–which, from the point of view of the recipient, probably does mean that it matters. A lot of dollars add up to a lot of renovations to a museum, a lot of meals for hungry children, or a lot of cleanup after a hurricane.

Important refers to the bulk, or volume, of the item. You could make des progrès importants, which would be a good deal of progress on a project, or une contribution importante to company morale, which would be a valuable contribution.

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