Une Russe rousse rusée…

Tonguetwister Tuesday!

Une Russe rousse rusée, montée sur une rosse, une rose à la main.

ewn rewss rooss rew-zay, maw-tay sew rewn russ, ewn ro zah lah MAA. Click below to hear this pronounced.

A sly redheaded Russian woman, riding a nag, with a rose in her hand.

Don’t confuse the rousse (redhead) with the Russe (Russian)! Different vowel sounds.

And don’t confuse the rose (rose) with the rosse (nag). Different consonant sounds! Which in turn affect the vowel sounds. Anyhow, it’s hard to have a horse in your hand!

Really, this calls for a story, with this charming lady as its main character. Who’s up to the challenge?

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