C’est simple comme bonjour !

C’est simple comme bonjour !

say saa-pluh kum baw-ZHOOR! Click below to hear this!

It’s as easy as pie!

Let’s amend that slightly: as easy as EATING pie. Because anyone who has ever tried to make pie crust from scratch knows it takes a special touch, much like a green thumb. My mother has it. My daughter-in-law has it. I don’t know who else has it, because most of the piemakers I know don’t make their own crust.

And some might argue that saying bonjour isn’t so easy, either. You have to be careful to fully pronounce both syllables, and not abbreviate the first, like “b’zhoor”. In French, each syllable gets equal weight.

And you have to be careful to get the nasal sound into the first syllable, too. Regardless of the fact that I give the phonetic respelling as “baw”, it’s a deep nasal sound, which you should feel as a lowering of your throat, like when you swallow.

All the same, as we well know, an expression doesn’t have to be literally true to “work”. Chalk this one up to poetic license or whatever else you like, but go ahead and say it. French is simple comme bonjour!

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