Le mur murant Paris rend Paris murmurant.

Le mur murant Paris rend Paris murmurant.

luh mewr mew-rah paa-REE rah paa-ree mewr-mew-RAH. Click below to hear this pronounced! (Merci encore to Françoise for the sound file!)

The wall walling Paris is making Paris murmur.

This tonguetwister has been attributed to the French novelist Victor Hugo, but I don’t know where he is said to have written it.

No matter. It makes a good way to practice those tricky /u/ and /r/ sounds!

In medieval times, there really was a wall around Paris, as there was around any self-respecting city. How else would you defend yourself? The locations with names such as la Porte Chaillot, la Porte de Vincennes, la Porte des Lilas,and la Porte d’Italie are a relic of those times.

Nowadays Paris is surrounded by a Boulevard Périphérique with on-off ramps at many of these spots, which causes drivers to do much more than murmur. I drove on it once. I hope never to have to do it again–as much as I love Paris.

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