Ça me gonfle d’être malade !

Ça me gonfle d’être malade !

sah muh GAW-fluh, det-truh mah-LAHD. Click below to hear this pronounced.

It bugs me, being sick!

Introducing the voice of my good friend Françoise: a fine French and English teacher, my go-to gal for all things Belgian, and the source of today’s expressions (and many more to come!).

Yes, I still have laryngitis. And bronchitis. And yes, it bugs me. But wait…there are no bugs in that sentence! It is bug-free and proud!

That’s right. Instead, it’s full of hot air. Gonfler means to blow up or inflate, as a balloon. No explosives. So ça me gonfle means that I am the balloon. Which is certainly how one’s head can feel, under the influence of a bit of fever and a few germ-fighting drugs.

So there you have it. I don’t like being sick. Ça me gonfle ! Thank you, Françoise, for voicing my frustration!

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2 responses to “Ça me gonfle d’être malade !

  1. Ah! C’est marrant d’entendre ma propre voix! Avec plaisir Ruth….

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