…pour me changer les idées.

Je pars en vacances…pour me changer les idées.

zhuh paa rah vaa-KAHSS…poor muh shah-ZHAY lay zee-DAY. Click below to hear this!

I’m going on vacation…to take my mind off things.

Or this can mean something like just for a change of scenery. You don’t have to be deeply troubled by the burdens of life to want a vacation!

We all know how refreshing it can be just to do something different for a day (or more). Wear bunny slippers to work. Eat breakfast for dinner. Take the dog for a walk. Telecommute from Tahiti. Any or all of these can serve to vous changer les idées, or literally, change your ideas (more awkwardly: change the ideas for you).

It can even make you changer d’idée, which is one way of saying that you have changed your mind. A subtle difference between the two expressions: from les idées to d’idée.

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