Ça, c’est le comble !

Ça, c’est le comble !

sah, sail KAW-bluh! Click below to hear this!

That tops it all!

This is not praise, unless you are fond of measuring the “awful” quotient of the things that happen. No, this is an expression of disgust and supreme annoyance.

Le comble is the apex, the peak, the ultimate high point. That’s because les combles are the eaves at the top of a house, the roof peak. Sous les combles would be in the attic.

So say Ça, c’est le comble ! when it’s the last straw. You feel that the bad stuff has been heaped on you, whether trivial or the “big stuff”.

But when you are supremely happy, fully satisfied, say Je suis comblé(e) ! (zhuh swee kaw-BLAY). That’s when the blessings are piled as high as they can be.

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