Ça, c’est une surprise de taille !

Ça, c’est une surprise de taille !

sah, say ewn sewr-PREEZ duh TAHyuh! Click below to hear this pronounced!

That’s quite a surprise, all right!

Another movie quote! This one is also from Hereafter, the American movie we quoted from a few days ago.

In this scene, Marie has announced to her management that, instead of writing a book on France’s late ex-President François Mitterand, she is writing a book about the hereafter, or l’au-delà (lode-LAH). On near-death experiences, in other words. Her boss is nearly speechless; Marie acknowledges that this comes as a surprise; and he finally sputters, Eh ben, ça, c’est une surprise de taille !

What’s it really mean? La taille means waist, and by extension, size (because your waist influences your clothing size). The expression de taille is generally used sarcastically to mean really, really big.

Think of the English word sizable. This character’s remark could also be translated in English as That’s some surprise!

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