Je parle en connaissance de cause.

Je parle en connaissance de cause.

zhuh paar lah kuh-nay-SAHSS duh KOZE. Click below to hear this pronounced.

I know what I’m talking about.

Une connaissance can be several things. For one thing, it’s an acquaintance, since connaître is the verb you use for knowing a person.

For another thing, des connaissances are bits (or chunks) of knowledge. So you could say, Mes connaissances du français augmentent chaque jour (My knowledge of French increases every day).

And thirdly, there’s today’s expression. This sense of connaissance is more like understanding or the act of knowing. Another translation for en connaissance de cause would be with full knowledge of the facts.

Une cause, of course, doesn’t just mean cause as in cause-and-effect. It also means a topic, a matter, a case (legal), and quite a bit more. So Je parle en connaissance de cause means that you have first-hand knowledge or experience that lends authority to your opinion. Been there, done that!

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