Je suis coincé.

Je suis coincé.

zhuh swee kwaa-SAY. Click below to hear this pronounced.

I’m stuck.

Stuck. Like Winnie-the-Pooh, half in and half out of Rabbit’s front door after a too-copious snack. That kind of “stuck”, with Rabbit hanging towels on your back legs because they are in his way. Not stuck between a rock and a hard place, meaning that you have a difficult choice to make; rather, stuck in an unchangeable situation.

I heard this recently from an employee (not mine) who was complaining about his work station: immovable furniture, computer monitor facing the window, sun glaring, mouse in an awkward spot….nothing movable, nothing changeable. Just bad office design, and he was unhappy.

So he said, Je suis coincé. Le coin means corner, so literally, Je suis coincé means I am cornered, physically, emotionally, or otherwise. Like a scared rabbit. Of course the rabbit could bolt and hope for the best, but who would do that in this economy? Like Pooh, we sigh and make the best of it.

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One response to “Je suis coincé.

  1. At least some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this read

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