C’est inutile !

C’est inutile !

say ee-new-TEEL! Click below to hear this pronounced.

It’s no use!

You’re trying your best to wheedle the car keys from your parents, but it’s no deal. C’est inutile. It would be nice if your dog could learn not to bark, but…she’s a dog. C’est inutile.

Discouragement: that’s the key feeling behind this saying. But what about this? The lock is stuck, I need a tool, you offer me a screwdriver. Ce n’est pas utile ! it’s no use, it’s useless. Where’s a hairpin when you need one? Or you ask for something to eat your soup with, and I give you a knife. Ce n’est pas utile ! Here, you are sneering a bit at what is offered. You exclaim in disdain.

The difference in English is between it’s no use and it’s OF no use, but we don’t always make that distinction with our grammar. The difference is clear in our intonations, though.

And wait till you see all the other words involving the English verb
use! It’ll be fun!

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