Un pêcheur pêchait sous un pêcher…

Tonguetwister Tuesday!

Un pêcheur pêchait sous un pêcher. Le pêcher empêchait le pêcheur de pêcher. Le pêcheur coupa le pêcher. Le pêcher n’empêcha plus le pêcheur.

uh pay-shuhr pay-shay soo zuh pay-SHAY. luh pay-shay ah-pay-shahl pay-SHUHRD pay-SHAY. luh pay-shuhr koo-PAHL pay-SHAY. luh pay-shay nah-pay-shah PLEWL pay-SHUHR.

Click below to hear the tonguetwister.

A fisherman was fishing under a peach tree. The peach tree kept the fisherman from fishing. The fisherman cut down the peach tree. The peach tree no longer got in the way of the fisherman.

A sad story, from the point of view of the peach tree! And maybe also from the point of view of the fish.

I’m sure it doesn’t escape you that the peach tree, the fisherman, and the act of fishing seem hopelessly entangled in an intimate family relationship. They all look alike! Furthermore, une pêche is a peach, but aller à la pêche means to go fishing, not to go peaching.

Shall we make it even more fun? Pécher means to sin, and sounds exactly the same as pêcher, to fish. Les péchés are sins, and un pécheur is a sinner.

So you can substitute any of these words for its homonym, and completely change the meaning of the tonguetwister. You can have a sinner fishing under a peach tree, or a fisherman sinning under a peach tree, or a fisherman fishing under a sin, and the only thing that changes is the spelling.

Are we having fun yet?

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One response to “Un pêcheur pêchait sous un pêcher…

  1. What a conglomeration of meanings! You certainly have to be careful to use the correct accent mark. Too bad there’s no difference in the pronunciation. Yes, we had fun. Thank you!

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