Vous voilà dans de beaux draps !

Vous voilà dans de beaux draps !

voo vwah-lah dahd bo DRAH! Click below to hear this.

Look at you–you’re in a nice mess!

Indeed. You have truly made a mess of things, and apparently I’m not too sympathetic to your situation, because I am berating you with all the sarcasm I can muster.

As a matter of fact, have you ever been in a nice mess? I doubt it. Messes, by definition, are not nice.

But along comes the corresponding French expression. Vous voilà means here you are, look at you, and various similar attention-
calling phrases. It’s the French equivalent of emphasizing you in English: YOU’RE in a nice mess!

But in French, you are in pretty sheets! Isn’t that a bit strange? Of course the pretty is sarcastic, so we can just push that aside. But draps? Well, exactly whose sheets are you entangled in? The origin of the expression is just a bit risqué. The implication? You got yourself into this; now you can get yourself out.

To be continued…in my next post, on Monday!

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