Si six cents scies scient six cents saucisses…

Si six cents scies scient six cents saucisses, six cent six scies scieront six cent six saucissons.

see see sah see see see sah so-SEESS, see sah see see see-uh-raw see sah see so-see-SAW. Click below to hear this pronounced!  

If 600 saws saw 600 sausages, 606 saws will saw 606 sausages.

Okay, we have to talk about math, saws, and sausages. This sounds like one of those word problems I never “got”, so let’s dismiss the math in one sentence: My friend Other Ruth (you know who you are!) can tell me if the math is correct. Ruth, I’m depending on you!

Saws: To clarify, we are talking about tools here, not about the English verb to see. Just because they rhyme, scie and see, doesn’t make them mean the same.

Now for the sausages. Une saucisse looks like this: 

It’s sort of a squeeze-it-out-of-the-casing-or-grill-it kind of a thing.

And these are des saucissons:

Dry. Sliceable. Perfect on a cheese platter, especially with a nice loaf of pain.

But the math gets complicated! Is a saucisson fatter or skinnier than a saucisse? Won’t that affect how many saucissons those scies scieront?

Just watch the pronunciation of scieront. The e is very nearly silent. The word has two-and-a-half syllables.

Bon appétit ! Happy math, and happy tonguetwisting!


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