J’ai pris un kilo !

Oh non, j’ai pris un kilo!

o naw, zhay pree uh kee-LO!

Oh no, I’ve gained over two pounds!

C’est la catastrophe ! So first I’ll offer my sympathy.

Now that we’ve taken care of that…

End of the sentence first. If you live pretty much anywhere except in the US, you will recognize that the English has extra words. That’s because we still haven’t figured out the metric system.

A kilogram is 2.2 pounds. Yes, it is possible to talk about pounds in French, but be careful: une livre is a pound, from the Latin libra, but un livre is a book, from the Latin liber. I know someone who talks about wearing her donuts, but no one wears their books, so be careful which one you choose!

And then there’s the verb. It looks as if the French equivalent of to gain should be gagner. That’s where the English word came from, after all. But gagner means to earn or to win. When discussing weight gains, you use prendre, to take. Yes, even when the taking isn’t voluntary.

Happily, speaking French does not cause weight gain. So step away from the chocolate, and learn another French phrase instead!

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