Je ne dis pas non !

Je ne dis pas non !

zhuhn dee pah NAW.  Click below to hear this pronounced!  

I won’t say no!

Another example of the French tendency to say no when you mean yes. We do this in English too:

Would you like some ice cream? –I won’t say no!
Tu veux une glace? –Je ne dis pas non! (tew vuh ewn GLAHSS?)

I can give you an extra day off. –I won’t say no!
Je peux vous donner un jour supplémentaire de congé. –Je ne dis pas non! (zhpuh voo duh-NAY uh zhoor sew-play-mah-TAIRD kaw-ZHAY.)

Note that in English, we use the future: won’t = will not = future tense. In French, we use the present: dis = present tense of dire, to say.

This is a way to respond politely when someone offers you something. It’s a little coy, and a little reserved. You don’t want to fall all over yourself with enthusiasm–not in France, anyway. But say it with a smile!


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