Fin ! Fini ! Une finition.

Fin ! Fini ! Une finition.

FAA! fee-NEE! ewn fee-nee-seeYAW. Click below to hear these pronounced.  

The End! Done! A finish.

This post is all about endings–well, almost all. FIN is what you see at the end of a movie, or on the last page of a book. Fini ! is what you proclaim when you finish a project or a task.

So what is une finition? It’s a finish, yes, but not exactly an end. It’s the finish that you add to a piece of woodwork, or a wall, or a floor. You know, paint, varnish, and the like, and its style: marbled, glossy, matte, textured, etc.

There’s more. If you’re in the mood for full sentences, instead of shouting Fini ! you can exclaim J’ai fini ! which, as you have probably guessed, means I’ve finished.

Just don’t shout Je suis fini ! That should be more of a defeated gasp than a victorious yell. It means I’m done for, it’s over for me. Now that’s an ending. Cue final screen, fade to black.

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