Ça m’arrange.

Ça m’arrange.

sah maa-RAHZH. Click below to hear this!  

That works for me.

Or, literally, that arranges me.

Don’t you love it? Here you are, feeling all scattered and disorganized. Your schedule is all at sixes and sevens. Someone calls you and asks if you wouldn’t mind–please, please–rescheduling their appointment. You can do that! Lo and behold, the pieces fall into place, and your schedule now works neatly!

So you say, Ça m’arrange: That arranges me! You are agreeing to do that person a favor, but really, they are doing you a favor by arranging your schedule in a way that works much better for you.

So here’s a little glossary for you:

Can we meet here instead of there? Ça m’arrange! Translation: Great! I’ll be closer to here than there anyway.

Could you bring a side dish to the potluck dinner? Oui, ça m’arrange! (I have veggies in the fridge that need to be eaten.)

Do you mind if we take my car instead of yours? Non, ça m’arrange! (Ha! Then I don’t have to pay for the gas!)

We’re coming to visit you for a month with our little dog! Euh…ça ne m’arrange pas… (Your dog is yappy, and a month is way longer than I can stand your company….)

Use it responsibly!


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