J’ai vraiment le cafard en ce moment.

J’ai vraiment le cafard en ce moment.

zhay vray-MAH luh kaa-FAA rahss muh-mah. Click below to hear this.

I’m really feeling down/blue right now.

More than a bad mood, less than clinical depression, this expression will get you past those bad patches when you feel as if nothing’s going quite right, but there’s nothing seriously wrong. It’s good for that unexplainable crise de larmes (kreez duh LAARM: fit of crying, lit. a crisis of tears), when you cry because the movie left you with a lingering sadness. When you feel down because you are overstressed, or when there’s no chocolate available to lift your mood.

But if you really think about the literal meaning of the expression, it will probably make you laugh immediately, thus abolishing your blues. It means I have the cockroach at this moment. There now, don’t you feel better already? Unless it was des cafards (roaches) in your apartment making you feel down in the first place….

And by the way, un cafard is also a spy, a hypocrite, a bigot, or an infidel. It comes from an Arabic word, kafir. Finding one of them in your apartment could also be depressing.


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