Son chat chante sa chanson.

Tonguetwister Tuesday!

Son chat chante sa chanson.

saw shah shaht sah shah-SAW.  Click below to hear this pronounced.  

His cat is singing its song.

Yowling, I suppose! More fun trying to say this sentence than listening to cat music. Not that I’m against les chats, mind. But at 3 a.m….

Anyway, note that the possessive adjectives (son and sa, in this sentence) have to agree with the thing possessed, not the possessor. Le chat is always masculine, so the possessive must be masculine: mon, ton, son… (If you want to talk about your female cat, call her ma chatte.) La chanson is always feminine, so the possessive must always be feminine: ma, ta, sa

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2 responses to “Son chat chante sa chanson.

  1. You might like this song:

    Quand le cheval de Thomas tomba
    Comment Thomas ne tomba-t-il pas pas
    Thomas tomba-t-il ou ne tomba-t-il pas ?
    Tomba-t-il à bas ou pâtit-il d’un tel ébat ?

    It’s a beautiful round, that I have on a kid CD, but I can’t find it on-line anywhere.

    • I love it, Allen! Is there any way you can post the tune? Or post the name of the CD where others might find it? I’d love to know it so I could sing it!

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