Écartons ton carton, car ton carton nous gêne.

Tonguetwister Tuesday is here again!

Écartons ton carton, car ton carton nous gêne.

ay-kaar-taw taw kaar-taw kaar taw kaar-taw noo ZHEN.  Click below to hear this pronounced!  

Let’s set aside your cardboard, because your cardboard is bothering us.

To begin with, écartons the notion that you seem to be hypersensitive, if a piece of carton can bother you. Get over it!

Now then: un carton is a piece of cardboard, whereas a carton, or cardboard box, is une boîte en carton. To name the material that something is made of, use en and then the material: en plastique, en métal, and so on. To talk about what is in the container, use de: une boîte de crayons (a box of pencils), un verre d’eau (a glass of water), and so on.

Of course, the real fun is just the repetition of the same couple of syllables: ton and car, as part of different words, especially in the middle where we have the same sounds three times in a row. One is almost guaranteed to lose count!

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