J’ai tenté de faire le point…

J’ai tenté de faire le point selon mon goût.

zhay tah-tay duh fair luh PWAA slaw maw GOO. Click below to hear this pronounced!  

I’ve attempted to sum it up according to my taste.

That’s Pierre Seghers speaking, a French poet and the editor of several collections of modern French poetry. I took his quotation from the back of his Le Livre d’or de la poésie française contemporaine, where he explains the principles that guided his choice of poems. (Sadly, I am not aware of any English translation of this Golden Book of Contemporary French Poetry.)

Faire le point means to summarize or to sum up. It has nothing to do with making a point (in spite of sounding that way!), which is faire une remarque and which evokes the thought of bullet points.

This one is more closely related to le point at the end of a sentence, which closes out a thought. Remember Un point c’est tout“?

Here’s a link to a weekly newsmagazine published in France, called Le Point: http://www.lepoint.fr/. Like Time, Newsweek, and so many others, whose goal is to hand us as much news as possible on a silver platter, Le Point has reinvented itself for the digital world. You can read headlines, watch and listen to short videos in French, browse photo galleries, read in-depth stories, and more.

And on the Google Chrome browser, at least, you can click the “Translate” button as many times as you like so you can (badly-mixed-metaphor alert!) have your French cake and eat your English cake.

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