J’étais trempée jusqu’aux os.

J’étais trempée jusqu’aux os.

zhay-tay trah-PAY zhew-sko ZO. Click below to hear this!  

I was soaked to the skin.

Does it rain harder in French-speaking countries? I don’t think so! But here we are, merely soaked to the skin in the English-speaking USA, while those poor French speakers are soaked to the bones. Maybe we have thicker skins, so only our clothing gets soaked? Hmm, that doesn’t sound right.

Tremper is the same word you use when you dunk your beignet (ben-YAY) in your café, or your donut in your coffee. Either way, it gets pretty soggy.

You may toss your dog un os, a bone (uh NUSS), but try to avoid les os, the bones (lay ZO) in your fish. That’s right, pronounce the s in the singular, but not in the plural!

And jusqu’à is an important word. It’s a preposition, a word which locates things in space or time. It means up to, until, as far as, and similar expressions. J’attends jusqu’à lundi means I’ll wait until Monday. On est allés jusqu’à Paris means We went as far as Paris. Jusqu’aux os means all the way to the bones.

The à at the end gets treated like any other à in French: when it bumps up against le, it becomes au; when it collides with les, it becomes aux, as in today’s expression.

Stay dry!

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