Tu me manques.

Tu me manques.

tewm MAHK.  Click below to hear this pronounced.

I miss you.

But wait…isn’t that backwards? If manquer means to miss or to lack, then shouldn’t the sentence read Je te manque?

Oh, this is a tricky verb!

Scroll back to the post from two days ago (Il lui manque une case). He is missing a box. In reality, manquer means to be lacking to someone or something. So if I miss you, I say You are lacking to me, or Tu me manques.

If I say Je te manque, I am saying You miss me, a presumptuous statement, unless I turn it into a question and say Je te manque? In which case I am asking, Do you miss me? (Am I lacking to you?)

So if I want to say This book is missing a page, I can say Il manque une page à ce livre (eel mah kewn PAH zhahss LEE-vruh).

But if I missed the train, I have to say: J’ai manqué le train (zhay mah-kay luh TRAA). And if my friend leaves our meeting place five minutes before I arrive, I say: Je l’ai manqué de cinq minutes (I missed him by five minutes, zhuh lay mah-kay duh saa mee-NEWT).

And there’s more (this is a fun verb), but this will keep you busy for today, I expect!

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