Il est sorti de ses gonds!

Il est sorti de ses gonds!

ee lay sore-tee duh say GAW!  

He hit the ceiling!

We have expressions that endanger a part of our bodies (He lost his head), expressions that treat us like critters (Spread your wings), expressions that humanize machines (The computer is thinking, and expressions that speak of us as if we were machines (She’s got a screw loose).

Today’s phrase is of the last kind–in French, at least. Instead of hitting the ceiling when he got angry, Il est sorti de ses gonds: He came off his hinges! Surely as disconcerting and as distressing to the other person in the room as seeing someone hit the ceiling, so try not to make anyone do either!

Remember that if she’s the one losing her temper, it’s Elle est sortie de ses gonds; and if you are clever enough to irritate more than one person at a time, Ils sont sortis de leurs gonds.

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