C’est pas la peine.

C’est pas la peine.

say pah lah PEN. Click below to hear this!  

It’s not worth the trouble.

Slangy (you’ll notice the ne is missing), but frequently heard. In fact, people often just say pas la peine, not worth it.

This looks, of course, as if it meant It’s not the pain. But pain is la douleur (lah doo-LUHR), and trouble is la peine. Le trouble, on the other hand, means disturbance, confusion, upset. You see the problem?

Anyway, the construction of this sentence is interesting, since it used the verb to be (être). It’s a bit like a shortcut. The longer, more elegant way to express this thought is Ça ne vaut pas la peine, which really does mean It’s not worth the trouble. That verb is valoir, yet another irregular verb (so irregular that it only has a few forms!), meaning to be worth, to be valued at, to be the equivalent of.

C’est pas la peine de continuer! (It’s not worth the trouble of continuing!)

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