On va au cinéma, si le cœur t’en dit.

On va au cinéma, si le cœur t’en dit.

aw vah oh see-nay-MAH, seel kuhr tah dee. Click below to hear this pronounced!  

We’ll go to the movies, if you feel like it.

The English expression invites those little scenarios where someone says, I don’t feel like the movies. [Poke, poke.] Reply: No, you really don’t.

In French, it’s all about the heart. Si le cœur t’en dit means, literally, if your heart tells you something about it. Think of it: your heart is whispering secret messages to you. The movies would be fun. Or maybe, Oh, dear, I might fall asleep, I’m so tired. Or, He’s so handsome. Why don’t we go to a café and stare into each other’s eyes?


In more formal language, or when speaking to a group (if you all feel like it), you say si le cœur vous en dit.

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