Seize chaises sèchent.

(Eh oui, le mardi des “tonguetwisters” est déjà de retour!)

Seize chaises sèchent.

sezz-uh shezz-uh sesh.  Click below to hear this pronounced!

Sixteen chairs are drying.

For those of you who prefer more sedentary pursuits than the sports I have reported on for the last couple of posts (see la Coupe du Monde and le Tour de France), here’s one that’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. In fact, that’s pretty much exactly what it is!

Normally, seize is pronounced sezz and chaise(s) is pronounced shezz, but when you bump them up against each other, you really have to pronounce a little “uh” sound (that’s called a schwa: a little sound that is nearly undefined) to release one consonant before you get to the next. Without that, it’s nearly impossible to pronounce the whole phrase.

So find a comfy chair, a nice glass of something cool to drink (you’ll need it to wet your whistle!), and start practicing. Who’s going to go for the Spk Frnch Book of World Records for longest time spent perfecting one tonguetwister?

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