Trois sprinteurs se sont échappés du peloton.

Trois sprinteurs se sont échappés du peloton.

trwah spreen-TUHR suh saw tay-shah-PAY dew puh-loh-TAW.  Click below to hear this pronounced!  

Three sprinters broke away from the pack/peloton.

If you are following le Tour de France (luh toor duh FRAHSS) — I know Brad is! — you’ve heard this word peloton a lot, and you’ve figured out what it means: it’s the clump of bicyclists who ride close together. The word can also mean platoon, pack, and even firing squad! But it’s really related to ball; if you know Spanish you’ve already seen the Spanish word pelota in the French word. And the riders really look all “balled up”.

Broke away is expressed by the verb s’échapper, which literally means to escape. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s where you can catch more Tour de France action:

You can see video of the best moments of the day’s étape (ay-TAHP, stage), watch en direct (ah dee-RECT, live) when they are riding, view the course on a map (le parcours, luh paar-KOOR), buy stuff, and much, much more.

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