Bon voyage ou bonne route?

Bon voyage ou bonne route?

baw vwah-YAH zhoo bun ROOT?  Click below to hear this pronounced!  

Have a good trip, or…have a good trip?

That depends. How are you traveling?

If you are going by plane or ship, we’ll wish you a bon voyage. If you are driving, it’s bonne route; we are really wishing you a good road.

If it’s not the travel itself that matters so much as the activities, the places you will see, the time spent away that we want to send you good wishes for, then we’ll say Bon séjour! (baw say-ZHOOR), which also translates as…have a good trip! Or more literally, Have a good stay.

Note that in none of these cases do we say, Have a…. That’s understood.

And don’t try to try to translate Have a good time literally. That’s different altogether. If the wish is travel-related, you can use Bon séjour. Otherwise (a party, a flippant farewell, a trip to the movies or for a coffee), just say Amusez-vous (or amuse-toi to just one person you are close to). Pronounce  aa-mew-zay-VOO or  aa-mews-TWAH: Literally, amuse yourself! For an even better time, you can add bien to the end of the wish.  

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