Il est fichu, le pique-nique!

Il est fichu, le pique-nique!

ee lay fee-SHEW, luh peek-NEEK!  Click below to hear the pronunciation!  

The picnic is done for/has had it!

I hope you won’t need this phrase, but just in case it rains this weekend, you’ll be prepared!

Actually, you can plug whatever it is that’s spoiled or wrecked into the end of the sentence: Il est fichu, l’arbre (it’s rotten and needs to come down). Elle est fichue, la surprise (someone leaked the news about the party, and it’s not a surprise anymore). Il est fichu, le film (it’s doomed at the box office).

You can also use fichu(e) about a person. Elle est mal fichue, She’s a little sick. Or (unkind gossip, this) She’s not very good-looking. And it can also mean destined or doomed to something. One of my dictionaries, Le Petit Robert, gives this great example: Il est fichu de nous faire entrer dans un arbre, en conduisant comme ça! (He’s going to make us hit a tree, driving like that!) Notice that the intonation of the sentence changes a bit, in this case.

Fichu comes from ficher, and is a euphemism for foutu, which is a much less polite word but not as forceful nor quite as offensive as its corresponding F-word in English. Fichu, on the other hand, is fine even for polite company.

Like carrying an umbrella to ward off potential rain, maybe posting this phrase will keep your holiday weekend sunny and bright!

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