Viens là, que je te brosse!

Viens là, que je te brosse!

veeYAA LAH, k-zhuh tuh BRUSS!  Click below to hear this pronounced.

Come here, so I can brush you!

For Dahee, by special request:

Don’t say this to your best friend, your teacher, your boss, or your sister. This is for your dog or cat!

If you say this to a person, it means let me brush off your clothes. Maybe the dog has been snuggling on your sister’s lap, and now your sister’s clothes are covered with fur. But when you say it to your pet, you are saying you want to brush its coat.

To brush your sister’s hair (if she would even let you!), you will have to say …que je te brosse les cheveux (lay sh-VUH). Or teeth: …que je te brosse les dents (lay DAH). (That would be to a toddler.)

You might be wondering: where is so I can in this sentence? The little word que here is a shortcut for pour que, in order that, which requires the subjunctive. It just sounds much less formal to drop the pour.

And if your dog comes nicely (unlike mine!), you can say, Sage chien! (SAH-zhuh sheeYAA) to a male dog, or Sage chienne! (SAH-zhuh sheeYEN) to a female dog (Good dog!). The dictionary meaning of sage is wise, but dogs and cats–not matter how smart–don’t have the brains to be wise. You say Sois sage! (swah SAHZH) to a child or a dog (or cat) to say, Be good!

Look up in the dictionary, and you’ll find that it means there. So why are we using it to mean here? Because! That’s why. That’s just the way it is. Viens là means Come here. Je suis là means Here I am. Voilà! means Here you are, as you hand something to someone.

Are you thinking that French isn’t logical? Not true! But the logic of the French language isn’t the same as the logic of the English language, and that takes some getting used to. Of course the reverse is true too, for those of you struggling with the English language!

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