Le Nutella: Bon, mais pas bon pour nous?

Le Nutella: Bon, mais pas bon pour nous?

luh new-tell-LAH: baw, may pah baw poor NOO?  Click below to hear the sound file!  

Nutella: good, but not good for us?

Horreur! Catastrophe! How can Nutella not be good for us? Chocolate! Hazelnuts! Milk! (And skim milk, at that! It says so right on the front of the label.) Well, you can read about the problem at this link, a French blog called www.minutebuzz.com. It seems that Nutella’s unhealthy ingredients (like sugar and palm oil) far outweigh the healthy ones. And the European Community doesn’t like that. They are proposing a warning label: “Attention danger, favorise l’obésité” (warning, danger, promotes obesity: aa-tah-seeYAW, dah-ZHAY, fah-vo-REEZ lo-bay-zee-TAY).

Given the fact that Nutella’s Facebook fan page has over 1,000,000 fans, you can imagine that Nutella lovers do not plan to take this lying down. There is already a not-so-underground resistance being organized in Italy: “Touche pas à mon Nutella!” (toosh pah ah maw new-tell-LAH, Don’t touch my Nutella!). Spk Frnch even mentioned Nutella on one of our pages: Une tartine, une ficelle, une fiche.

So look, drool all you want, but consume with caution: That’s the message of the European food watchdogs!

Oh, heck, all the same, you should have a recipe for the ideal tartine au Nutella! Match the pictures to the directions:

a.  b.  c.  d. e. 

1. Coupez une tranche de pain. (coo-PAY ewn trahsh duh PAA.)

2. Ouvrez le bocal de Nutella. (oo-VRAY luh bo-KAHL duh new-tell-LAH.)

3. Plongez le couteau dans le Nutella. (plaw-ZHAY luh koo-toe dah lah new-tell-LAH.)

4. Étalez le Nutella sur le pain. (ay-tah-LAY luh new-tell-LAH sewr luh PAA.)

5. Dégustez! (day-gew-STAY!)


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