Que la lumière soit!

Que la lumière soit!

kuh lah lew-meeYAIR SWAH!  Click below to hear this pronounced.

Let there be light!

Et la lumière fut. And there was light.

When I was a child, my parents used to invite my siblings and me to “blow out the light” at bedtime, on the count of three. I suppose, until we learned who was manipulating the light switch, we thought we had a little of the divine power, or at the very least a little magic.

In the more mundane everyday, we already know about switches and electricity. Allume, veux-tu? (aa-LEWM, vuh-TEW?) gets the light turned on by an obliging friend. Turn on the light, will you? And Éteins, s’il te plaît (ay-TAA, seel tuh PLAY: Turn it off, please) gets it turned off.

Still, this is one of the most powerful and poetic utterances in the Bible. What an astonishing power, to be able to make (or unmake) light!

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One response to “Que la lumière soit!

  1. Maman (encore)

    J’avais oblie le petit jeu. Tu as le memoir tres bon! C’est plus bon que le mien.
    Puisque je ne suis pas chez moi, il n’y a pas les accents sur les lettres qui droient les avoir.
    Bon jour!

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