Ça va comme sur des roulettes!

Ça va comme sur des roulettes!

sah vah kum sewr day roo-LETT!  Click below to hear this pronounced!  

It’s going very smoothly!

Un castor is a beaver, which is one way to get rid of a tree. Une roulette is a furniture castor, which you could use to roll the tree trunk away.

When someone asks you Ça va? they want to know how things are going. But there’s a catch: If the question is ça va? the answer should be some variation on oui or non, because the question, literally, is Is it going? Actually, the easiest answer is Ça va!–you repeat the question but with a change in the intonation, like this:  

If, on the other hand, you are asked, Comment ça va? your answer should be a variation on the bien or mal theme (well or badly), because now they want to know, How’s it going?

Which is when you can say, Comme sur des roulettes! And what you are really saying is: as if on wheels!

And that’s how I hope things go for you today and every day.

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