C’était le coup de foudre!

C’était le coup de foudre!

say-tay luh COO duh FOO-druh!  Click below to hear the audio file.  

It was love at first sight!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about the handsome guy with the tan and the blue eyes on the other side of the room, the gal with the unbelievable sense of humor, or the snazzy, snappy red sports convertible…if you fall in love the first time you meet, you’ll be telling the story over and over, and you always get to say: C’était le coup de foudre! Literally, it was a bolt of lightning, or a blow from lightning.

So la foudre can be a fine thing indeed. But it can also be devastating. Recent storms in the Chicago area have left many arbres frappés par la foudre (AAR-bruh fraa-PAY paar lah FOO-druh, trees struck by lightning) in their wake.

And suppose you go over someone’s head at work, or countermand someone’s orders, or behave foolishly or dangerously…someone will be furious! When you tell that story, it will have to include this line: Je me suis attiré(e) les foudres de ___ (fill in the name). Pronounce zhuhm swee zaa-tee-RAY lay FOO-druh duh ___, I brought down ___’s wrath on my head!

Really, try to stick to the first story. It’s so much more fun to live through!

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