L’Été: La belle saison!

L’Été: La belle saison!

lay-TAY: lah BELL say-ZAW.  Click below to hear the audio file!  

Summer: the beautiful season!

That’s how summer is known in French-speaking countries! Is it la belle saison in your part of the world?

Here are some things you can do en été (ah nay-TAY, in the summer). Vous pouvez (voo poo-VAY, you can):

  • décamper: Just take off! Don’t go to work, it’s too nice a day. (day-kah-PAY)
  • faire du jardinage: do some gardening. (fair dew zhaar-dee-NAHZH)
  • prendre la mer: go to sea (PRAH-druh lah MAIR). Or if that’s a little extreme for your tastes, vous pouvez faire un peu de voile: do a little sailing (fair uh puh duh VWAHL). Le voile is a sail; don’t confuse it with la voile, which is a veil.
  • cueillir des fleurs: pick flowers (kuh-YEER day FLUHR). But not where it says Entrée interdite (ah-TRAY aa-tair-DEET). That’s No Trespassing.
  • aller vous baigner: Nope, not take a bath, though that’s literally what it says. It means go swimming. (aa-lay voo ben-YAY)
  • faire la grasse matinée: My favorite! Literally, do a fat morning…in other words, sleep in. (fair lah GRAHSS mah-tee-NAY)

That should keep you busy avoiding serious work for a while. When you run out of activities, let me know. I’ll publish another list!


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