Il tombe des cordes.

Il tombe des cordes.

eel tawb day CORD. Click below to hear the audio file!

It’s raining cats and dogs.

Just as there are no cats and dogs falling from the sky, there are no ropes, either. But that’s the literal rendition of the French.

In an alternate version of the French, you could say, Il tombe des hallebardes (day aal-BAARD, halberds in English), a heavy weapon from the Middle Ages that you would not want to be on the pointy end of.

And then there’s the farmer’s version, not so polite: Il pleut comme vache qui pisse (eel pluh kum vaash kee PEESS, It’s raining like a pissing cow. If you’ve ever been on a dairy farm, you know why this expression exists. But please don’t use it in polite company!

When in doubt, you can always resort to the plain vanilla version: Il pleut à verse (eel pluh ah VAIRSS). Verser means to pour, so…It’s pouring rain.

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