Je suis, donc je suis.

Je suis, donc je suis.

zhuh SWEE, dawk je SWEE. Click below to hear the audio file!

You should begin by (re-)reading Spk Frnch’s very first post, Je pense, donc je suis. It’s at this link.

Have you read it? Okay, now we can begin!

No doubt you’re thinking, Il y a quelque chose qui cloche. (That was our previous post. Scroll down to read it.) What does today’s post mean?

Here’s the problem: Je suis means I am, from the verb être, to be. And Je suis also means I am following, I follow, from the verb suivre, to follow.

So here are the possibilities:

I am, because I am.
I follow, because I follow.
I follow, because I am.
I am, because I follow.

Franck from Rouen, France, who tweets about chocolate and other matters as @goutetnature, tweeted this enigmatic message several months ago. On Twitter, if you like what someone writes, you can “follow” that person. Of course Franck was making an intentional pun. There’s no way to know which version he meant! Maybe all of them.


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