Il y a quelque chose qui cloche!

Il y a quelque chose qui cloche!

eel yah kell-kuh shoz kee KLUSH!  Click below to hear the audio file!  

There’s something wrong! Something isn’t right!

Today is a treat! It’s a video of an adorable little French girl retelling her own version of Winnie the Pooh (Winnie-l’Ourson) and Tigger (Tigrou), in French, childish mispronunciations and all.

In the course of her story, she uses this expression twice. Listen for it. It’s an interesting expression: literally, There’s something that’s limping! Une cloche is a bell. Un clocher is a steepleUn clochard is a bum, someone who is down-and-out. And the verb clocher means to limp (which may cause one to swing from side to side like a bell?). So when il y a quelque chose qui cloche, it means something is out of place, doesn’t fit, doesn’t work right: something doesn’t “ring true”.

Now, turn on your speakers or put on your casque (cask: headphones), turn up the volume, and click on the video. Here is a child with imagination!

And thanks to my colleague-in-French-blogging for calling attention to this video, which is also posted all over YouTube.


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