J’ai la flemme de le faire.

J’ai la flemme de le faire.

zhay lah FLEM dull fair.  Click below to hear the sound file!  

I can’t be bothered to do it.

Today I’m giving you a link to an article from L’Express, a French news magazine similar to Time or Newsweek. It has sections on style, cooking, fashion, the art of living, in addition to news summaries and articles on world affairs. And here is a review, in French, of a new kitchen gadget that I haven’t even seen in the US yet. It’s a granola bar maker!

Here’s the link. It will open in a new window, so you can return easily to this page. And today’s phrase is near the bottom: Pour les gourmandes pressées un peu maladroites qui ont une cuisine suffisamment grande, mais surtout la flemme de confectionner ces barres dans leur four. For rushed but slightly-helpless (maladroites) women who love to cook (les gourmandes) and have a big enough kitchen, but especially can’t be bothered making these bars in their oven.

Les flemmardes (lay flem-AARD), then, are the-ones-who-can’t-be-bothered. Not exactly lazy, but who have other/better things to do. That word occurs twice near the top of the page.

For those who are still learning to read in French, here are a few things to look for:

What’s the French word for a granola bar maker?
What’s the first step in making granola bars?
What do you do second?
What could you put in a recipe for granola bars?
How long should you cook them, if you want them crunchy?
Name one of the advantages and one of the disadvantages of this device.
Would you buy one?

P.-S. If you have trouble reading the article, ask your questions in the Comments space. Feel free to post your answers to the questions–in English or in French–there too!


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