Il se fait des illusions!

Il se fait des illusions!

eel suh FAY day zee-lew-zeeAW!  Click below to hear the sound file.

He’s got another think coming!

This time the fun is in the English expression. You may think all you want, but there’s no such thing as a think in English! The French is the straightforward one; literally, it just means He is making illusions for himself. Which means that whatever he is thinking, he is dead wrong, or completely off track, or just plain dreaming.

You can also say this to someone, not just about someone. You’d say Tu te fais des illusions (tew tuh fay day zee-lew-zeeAW)! You might not want to say Vous vous faites des illusions (voo voo fett day zee-lew-zeeAW), because now you’re being smart-mouthed with someone you don’t know so well. If you call the person vous rather than tu, you might want to kick up the politeness factor a notch. Don’t get the boss upset if you can help it!


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