Pour moi c’est kif-kif!

Pour moi c’est kif-kif!

poor mwah say keef-KEEF!  Click below to hear the audio files!  

It’s all the same to me!

One of many borrowings from Arabic into French (this one dates to about 1867), kif means like or same in Arabic–a word of comparison. So literally, you are saying like-like. In other words, one choice is just like the other, as good as the other. You can also use this expression to say that the score in an informal competition is even: On est kif-kif (aw nay keef-KEEF), We’re even.

Note that kif-kif, although it is an adjective, never changes to reflect the gender (masculine or feminine) or the number (singular or plural). It is invariable.

There are a couple of other ways to express this same thought, equally fun:

C’est bonnet blanc ou blanc bonnet. say bun-nay BLAH oo BLAH bun-NAY.   It’s white bonnet or…white bonnet. Both halves of the comparison mean the same! Except that blanc has been moved from its normal position after the noun, to its less usual but perfectly acceptable position before the noun.

Or you can say, C’est du pareil au même. say dew pah-RAY yo MEMM.   Literally, it’s from the same to the same. Pareil and même are synonyms, both meaning same.

So which expression should you use? Really, it’s six of one and half-a-dozen of the other!


2 responses to “Pour moi c’est kif-kif!

  1. Hah, I love your blog. I have been studying French for two years now and it’s cool to learn things from everyday language that aren’t in the textbooks. :)

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