Je me débrouille.

Je me débrouille.

zhuhm day-BROO-yuh.  

I’m managing. I’m getting along.

This is a statement of mediocrity. That is, the degree to which I am getting along is not especially spectacular. I’m not a total failure, either. I’m managing.

Literally, this expression means something like I’m unfogging myself. Here’s how.

Un brouillon is a rough draft. Le brouillard is fog or mist or smog. Brouiller means to mess up, to muddy the waters, to bring confusion to a situation. All words that mean thing are  unclear, unresolved, not finalized.  

The prefix de– or – means to un-something, just as it does in English. So, je me débrouille: I’m unfogging myself. I’m getting things sorted out, but I’m not there yet.

And watch for another great expression based on this one. Tomorrow!


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