On a mal commencé.

On a mal commencé.

aw nah MAHL kuh-mah-SAY.  

We got off on the wrong foot.

Yesterday’s post, Elle s’est levée du pied gauche, dealt with getting up on the wrong side of bed, only it ended up talking about feet. Today’s post has to do with getting off on the wrong foot, but it has nothing at all to do with feet in French. Which one is the right foot, anyway? Either one, apparently, so long as it isn’t the one that makes you stumble in a relationship or an acquaintance.

Literally, today’s phrase simply says We started badly. No imagery! No metaphor! Though some of us Francophiles would like to believe otherwise, not everything is said more interestingly in French.

By the way, this is Spk Frnch‘s 100th post. Celebrate with us by posting a comment on Spk Frnch!


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