J’ai passé une nuit blanche.

J’ai passé une nuit blanche.

zhay paa-SAY ewn nwEE BLAHsh. Click below to hear the audio file!  

I didn’t sleep a wink.

What color is it when you sleep?

When I close my eyes, it’s black. So I imagine that sleep is black, too, even if you dream in color. But what about a sleepless night?

It’s the opposite of black, of course! I had a white night. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Because if you are awake, you’re not even dreaming, so there’s no black and no Technicolor.

J’ai passé really means I spent, in expressions of time, as in I spent an hour waiting (J’ai passé une heure à attendre, zhay paa-SAY EWN UHR ah aa-TAH-druh). When you don’t sleep, you really feel the time passing. You don’t have such a night, you spend it, conscious of every minute.


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