Papier, panier, piano.

It’s Tonguetwister Tuesday again!

Papier, panier, piano.

paa-PYAY, paa-NYAY, pyah-NO.  Click below to hear this!  

Paper, basket, piano.

This one’s a lot easier than some of the others I have posted!

The only real trick to it is that the first two words start with the pa syllable, and have the i + vowel sound (the same sound as in the “Yuck Rule”) in the second syllable. The third word reverses the order, putting p + i + vowel in the first syllable. Changing the vowel sound from ie to ia doesn’t help, either.

For best French pronunciation, remember to keep your lips taut when you pronounce the p sound. It’s almost, but not quite, a b sound. There’s no big puff of air, as there is in English.


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