La cerise sur le gâteau, c’est que…

La cerise sur le gâteau, c’est que…

lah suh-REEZ sewr luh gah-TOH, say kuh…  Click below to hear!  

The icing on the cake is that…

Say cake to an American: images of cake mix, icing, lick the bowl. Preferably chocolate.

Say gâteau to a Frenchman (maybe any European): images of pastry shops, ganache, jam between the layers (preferably many thin layers), powdered sugar, candied or fresh fruits artistically disposed on top.

The thing that makes the cake perfect? For a French speaker, it’s the cherry. Metaphorically, the best thing of all about the whole situation. If you are a cherry lover, it makes perfect sense!

A few ways to end the sentence:

…moi, je vais à Paris! (MWAH, zhuh vay ah paa-REE!)  I’m going to Paris!

c’est qu’il n’a même pas compris la plaisanterie! (eel nah MEMM pah kaw-PREE lah PLAY-zah-TREE!) He didn’t even understand the joke!

…c’est qu’on nous a donné une chambre de luxe à l’hôtel! (aw noo zah duh-NAY ewn SHAH-bruh duh LEWK sah loh-TELL!) They gave us a luxury room in the hotel!

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